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The Smallest Palladian Villa In The World

Charleston, South Carolina

Every town needs a castle.

Every castle should be built by that same spirit that pulls kids into the woods to put up a tree fort. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, ornate, or expensive. It should be richly built from things that were scraped together and sparks of creativity nourished by sweaty work.

Its not easy to build a castle. And castles in every town don’t all look the same. What they probably have in common (more than towers, gates, or moats) is that they are the fulfillment of some person’s dream. And they usually are good places to ponder more good dreams while sheltered from the regimented forces of the town outside.

Some people will visit the castle and be stood on their head. Some will come away with the determination to get up from their couch back home and pursue their own little dream or build their own castle. Be careful though. When the town makes it too difficult to build a castle, they can sometimes sap that wonderful and creative artistic spirit. And the world needs that spirit to build it’s castles.

All finished.

More photographs by Ian Rojas. 

Thank You!

With furniture. 

Dumping 13 tons of gravel.

Muslin drapes

Finished the floor and the hearth.

Finishing the upstairs and the loft

A nice photo by Ian Rojas.

Applying an ebony wood stain on the cast stone step.

The plaster is drying and looking nice. We’re looking for some more antique bricks to finish the hearth. 

Adding bits of dry pigment to darken the plaster. The final coat looks brown at first, but after it fully dries the plaster will become a warm tan-grey color.

(Note: 1 bucket KEIM plaster, 6 bottle caps of Quickrete liquid cement color “Charcoal”, 6 bottle caps of liquid cement color “Buff”, 2 bottle caps of bright green dry pigment, 1 whole bottle of “burnt umber” dry pigment)

Plaster first coat. 


Fun with old-fashioned door hardware

Lofted ship cabin room in progress

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